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MIEKS | Mieke

It all started in the 90s, ready to rumble from the start. Mieke was born prematurely at 27 weeks and started her life like a rollercoaster. Born in North Brabant, The Netherlands, and based in Tilburg, she learned how to express herself. During her childhood she sang with a choir and actively participated in singing contests. Her premature birth profoundly impacted her life, but she transformed this experience into an inspiration for her musical creations under the name MIEKS. Mieke drew her inspiration from London, UK, rediscovering her passion for writing and singing while staying there. With the green light from Sony Publishing and BMG, she recorded a cover of “Back To Black,” originally performed by Amy Winehouse.


Her first self-written single, “Unruled Game,” was released on November 18, 2021. It was nominated in the same week for the charts of “Top40 Tipparade.” In 2023, she started a coaching trajectory with Pophuis (Tilburg) to further grow as MIEKS. She also formed her own band and is currently finalizing the songs for her debut album, which will be released in 2024. More gigs are coming up to tell her true story, above all, she revels in the music, infusing her life experiences into her soul-stirring melodies.

MIEKS | The Band

When she released her first music and prepared for the next step, Mieke assembled an 8-piece band comprising musicians who already had established music careers. Thankfully, they joined Mieke during the process of creating her debut album and supported her during live performances. Their first major show was a resounding success, drawing an audience of 800 people. Currently, they are diligently working on their debut album and backing Mieke to realise her dreams: playing for audiences who resonate with her songs, infused with the soulful and rock vibe that she has always aimed to deliver on stage, ensuring a good time for all.